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author of the bible

Well, the author means a single writer, as when we read The Bible it does look like that only one person is the author of the Bible or only a single person has written it. That is because God himself dictated The Bible to the physical writers who wrote it. This is because the Holy Spirit inspired the people on earth to write the books of the Bible. As the Bible is written by 40 different people and all of them were not familiar with each other or never met each other, their writing time was different, their living style was different, Some were very educated, some were illiterate, some were Kings, some were shepherd, they were totally different from each other but when we read the Bible it looks like that just a one person has written it and that person was The Spirit of God. Moreover, The Bible has been written in the period of 2500 years approximately. Our aim is to tell you the difference between the Authors or Author of The Bible.

but however, the names of the physical writers of the Bible are written below with the names of the books:

Author of the Bible in Old Testaments

Authors in The New Testament


Numbers of books in The Bible

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